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Northern Ireland drivers are worst speeders on UK roads, survey reveals

Almost three quarters of UK drivers regularly speed — but motorists in Northern Ireland are the worst, according to a new survey.

Around 19% of British drivers confessed to going over the limit at least once a day and 23% speed about twice a week, the Co-operative Insurance poll found.

As many as 6% said they exceeded the speed limit every time they got in their car and only 27% said they never speed.

Northern Ireland drivers were most likely to speed, while motorists in north east England were least likely to do so.

More than two in five drivers said they slowed down when approaching speed cameras and speeded up again when they had passed them.

More than 40% of those polled thought speed cameras encouraged reckless driving as motorists were constantly braking and speeding.

David Neave, Co-operative Insurance’s general insurance director, said today’s fast pace of life means speeding has become “endemic” in Britain.

“People often don’t think about the dangers of driving a few miles an hour over the limit. But that can mean the difference between having a safe journey or a collision, and whether you survive or not,” said Mr Neave.

He added: “Like drink driving, speeding reduces a driver’s ability to judge hazards and to react to them. There needs to be a shift in people’s attitudes to speeding, so it becomes as socially unacceptable as drink driving.”

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