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Northern Ireland man with swine flu virus had been honeymooning in Mexico

By Emily Moulton

Northern Ireland’s first case of swine flu is believed to be a newlywed groom who has just returned from a dream honeymoon in Mexico.

The man, who is from the Clady area near Portglenone, had spent several weeks in the resort paradise of Cancun with his new bride and had just returned home on Friday when he was struck down with flu-like symptoms.

It is believed he initially sought treatment from his GP in Portglenone and was unaware that he had the contagious disease until tests carried out confirmed it.

Both the man and his family have been given antivirals and are believed to recovering well at home.

Late yesterday there was a sense of shock in the village of Portglenone as word spread that someone from the area had contracted the disease.

Many locals had heard rumours all day that it was someone from Co Antrim and were quite surprised that Northern Ireland’s first confirmed case was so close to home.

However, just a few miles up the road in Clady the locals, who |remained fairly tightlipped, were not so shocked.

Some parents had been told that one of the schools had been alerted to the situation.

It is believed a five-year-old boy, who is part of the man’s family, |attends St Brigid’s primary school in Mayogall.

One parent, whose daughter is friends with the young boy, told the Belfast Telegraph she had contacted her local GP because she was concerned her girl might contract the deadly disease.

However she said her doctor said she had nothing to fear |because swine flu was only transmitted by direct contact with an infected person.

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