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Northern Ireland workers still paid less than rest of the UK

Average earnings in Northern Ireland are increasing faster than in the rest of UK, but workers in the province remain worse off overall than their British counterparts.

Figures released by the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment showed Northern Ireland experienced a 3.4% increase (£356.7) in median gross weekly earnings in the year to April 2009.

That compared with a 2.2% (to £397.3) rise in the UK average.

Both full-time and part-time employees here showed a higher increase in earnings over the year compared to the UK.

However, the gap with UK earnings remains in place, with local earnings only 90% of the UK figure, slightly better than 89% a year ago.

Growth in earnings for all employees was lower for both Northern Ireland and the UK compared to last year.

Full-time private sector earnings showed an increase of 1.6% compared to 1% in the rest of the UK.

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