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10 questions Conor Murphy must answer


Conor Murphy (Liam McBurney/PA)

Conor Murphy (Liam McBurney/PA)

Conor Murphy (Liam McBurney/PA)

1 In November 2007, you said "everyone" knew Paul Quinn was involved in criminality and smuggling. Who was "everyone" and where did you get your information from?

2 You said you had spoken to the IRA and it wasn't involved in the murder. Who did you speak to?

3 You have expressed support for the PSNI. The IRA is an illegal organisation. Have you told police the names of those to whom you spoke?

4 Paul Quinn's parents have said you didn't contact them to privately express your remorse or see how you could help after his brutal murder even though you were their elected representative. Why not?

5 Why did you not ask them who they thought murdered Paul, and what type of person he was, before you passed judgment on both matters?

6 Why did you continue to deny calling Paul a criminal when you knew you had done so in a BBC NI Spotlight interview?

7 Why did you unambiguously assert to your party president, Mary Lou McDonald, that you hadn't said such words about Paul?

8 The Quinns asked you repeatedly over the past 13 years to remove your slur against their son. Why did you ignore them for all those years?

9 The Belfast Telegraph contacted Sinn Fein on January 13 about the Quinns' demand that you retract your statement and apologise. We received no reply. Why should anyone believe that your U-turn now is motivated by anything other than damage limitation in the Republic's general election?

10 Is someone who branded an innocent 21-year-old murder victim a criminal, and who refused to retract for 13 years, fit to hold senior government office at Stormont?

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