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10 ways to say a big thank you

1. It's something of a dying art in this digital age, but one of the most special ways of saying thank you is putting pen to paper and writing a heartfelt letter or card.

2. Say it with flowers – send someone a beautiful floral bouquet to show your gratitude.

3. Show your appreciation in public with a champagne toast.

4. A picture tells a thousand words – take a photograph of your face expressing thanks and attach it with a note.

5. Time can be the most important gift of all – so give up yours to spend time with the person you wish to say thank you to.

6. Reciprocate a favour with a similar offering of help.

7. Sometimes a big warm hug can be enough to say thanks.

8. Say thank you with a personalised gift that you know will mean something, like a book of poetry or a meal out.

9. Make a financial donation to the person's favourite charity.

10. Take to social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter to make your thanks public.

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