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10,000 children and adults go 'off radar' annually

By Amanda Ferguson

Around 10,000 children, young people and adults are reported missing across Northern Ireland every year.

A child running away from a care home will perhaps turns up a few hours later or a young person or adult struggling to cope with personal problems will often resurface a few days after loved ones report their concerns to the police.

Most turn up within 24 hours.

Whether someone is missing for a few hours or a few days it is an exhausting and gut-wrenching time for the people who care about those who have gone off the radar.

The police received missing people reports every day of the year.

Over a six-month period last year - from April to September 2013 - the PSNI received a staggering 5,273 reports of missing people.

Thankfully all have since been accounted for but the statistics make for shocking reading.

According to police many of those who are reported as missing are located or return within a short space of time and the majority are located or return within a 24-hour period.

The PSNI website features the details of 18 people in Northern Ireland who have been missing for long periods of time.

Among them is Martin Kelly, missing from Belfast since January 2006 and Samuel Campbell from Kells, who has been missing since January 2012.

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