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100mph Northern Ireland footballer George McCartney faces driving ban

Northern Ireland and Sunderland full-back George McCartney is facing a potential ban after being clocked driving at more than 100mph by police as he drove along the A696, near Newcastle International Airport.

Newcastle magistrates have ordered the 29-year-old to appear before them in person as he already has six points on his licence and because of the excessive speed he was doing

Justin Gibson, prosecuting, said a patrol car spotted the silver BMW driving along the road at 9.17am on May 7.

But because he was driving so fast, the police car was unable to keep up, despite doing 100mph.

Eventually another car pulled out in front of him, causing him to slow down. He was pulled over and spoken to.

The player was warned the matter would be taken to court but failed to show up before magistrates and the case was proven in his absence.

McCartney who lives on the Darras Hall estate in Ponteland, will face sentence next month.

The incident comes a year after he was caught doing 105mph in a 70mph zone by a police patrol car observing traffic near North Darrington, North Yorkshire.

Meanwhile, England footballer Joe Cole is also facing a driving ban after he was found guilty of speeding at more than 100mph.

The 28-year-old Liverpool player, who already has six points on his licence, was driving his Audi A4 in Surrey when a police officer spotted him.

He trained his laser device on the black car and it showed Cole driving at 105mph, Staines Magistrates Court heard.

The footballer, who did not attend court yesterday, denied speeding on the A3 Esher bypass at Claygate, but District Judge Clive Wiles found him guilty.

The judge also warned that he faces disqualification and expressed irritation at his absence from the court, and his failure to produce his driving licence.

Cole, who was sent off in his first Premier League game for Liverpool on Sunday, will have to pay £600 costs, the court heard.

Sentencing was adjourned until tomorrow week.

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