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10-year-olds arrested for rioting


Children as young as 10 have been arrested by police in connection with serious rioting in Belfast.

Officers investigating the spate of violence across the city over the Twelfth period and in subsequent weeks said primary school-aged children were among those bombarding police officers with bricks, bottles and other missiles.

To date, 90 people have been arrested by police since July 12 when violence erupted across Belfast following the blocking of a Twelfth feeder parade past the Ardoyne shops.

Almost half of those arrested are under the age of 21.

And police have warned they intend to make hundreds of arrests in the coming weeks as they trawl CCTV footage to identify those involved in disorder.

Police are also investigating the involvement of the UVF in the violence.

Detective Superintendent Sean Wright is heading up Operation Titan, an investigation set up to focus on the trouble over the parading season.

"This is serious, serious stuff," he said.

"If your children are out on the streets and you don't know where they are and there is disorder ongoing then parents, please, I appeal to you – take a proactive approach.

"Find out where your children are and get them into your homes where they should be safe.

"Having 10-year-old children in the street when there is disorder taking place is absolutely mindless."

Sixty-six people have been charged and 10 people are being reported to the Public Prosecution Service, police said.

Those arrested range from the age of 10 to 55 – with 46% of those arrested aged 21 or younger.

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