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113 summer camps for young people

More than 100 summer camps have been established for young people under the Executive's united community strategy, ministers said.

The 113 camps represent a Stormont investment of £1 million and aim to bring together post-primary age children in a safe and inclusive environment, according to OFMDFM.

It is part of efforts to bring together Catholics and Protestants agreed with Prime Minister David Cameron in a joint economic pact in 2013.

First Minister Peter Robinson said: "The Summer Camps Programme has been designed to give young people an opportunity to come together in a positive environment in which they can build lasting relationships across divided parts of our community.

"Our goal of a shared society where everyone can feel equal and free to express cultural expression remains steadfast. We recognise the importance of our young people within that society, and we are determined to keep creating new opportunities for them to engage with and contribute to our community.

"It is our hope that the summer camps will enable young people to challenge stereotypes, tackle misconception and through increased understanding make new friendships that will last beyond the boundaries of the programme."

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said young people drive change and are central to a fairer and more inclusive future.

"This £1 million programme of summer camps is part of the 'Together: Building a United Community Strategy', providing a practical opportunity for young people to come together to break down barriers and build understanding and friendships through shared experiences.

"The summer camps are designed to be fun, and to provide an innovative and relaxed setting in which young people can learn, play, socialise, and discover what unites, rather than divides."


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