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11-month-old baby caught up in paint bomb horror

By Allan Preston

An 11-month-old baby was in a house targeted by masked men during a sectarian attack in Bangor, police have revealed.

The attack occurred on Monday at around 11.30pm in the Bloomfield Court area.

Inspector Davy Lindsay said: "A number of masked men wearing balaclavas threw paint bombs at the property. One ground floor window of the house was smashed by a brick. A second window was smashed at the back of the house."

Paint damage was also caused to the ground floor.

DUP councillor Wesley Irvine commented: "With a child being involved, you don't like to see that in any area.

"I think there's been a dispute in the area that has escalated but you don't want to see an environment where vigilantes are encouraged.

"I would urge the police and community to work together. I know resources are tight but the police need to be proactive rather than reactive so things aren't allowed to fester."

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