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122,000 sign petition to save death row dog Lennox

Lennox was seized by Belfast City Council dog wardens in May 2010 and has been impounded in kennels since

By Amanda Poole

Almost 122,000 animal lovers from across the world have now signed a petition against an order for a dog to be destroyed.

The owner of death row dog Lennox is awaiting an imminent court decision regarding the future of her beloved pet.

In less than two weeks, a judge will make a decision which could decide the six-year-old dog's future. Lennox, deemed to be a dangerous pit bull-type, was seized by Belfast City Council dog wardens in May 2010 and he has remained in their care since.

Under the Dangerous Dogs (NI) Order 1991, pit bull-type dogs are a banned breed.

Lennox's owner Caroline Barnes, from Disraeli Close in Belfast, argues that Lennox is not a pitbull-type, but an American Bulldog Labrador cross.

At an appeal case in September 2011, Judge Henry Rodgers concluded that Lennox posed a danger to the public and must be destroyed.

Ms Barnes is attempting to appeal that decision, and a spokesman for the Lord Chief Justice Office of Northern Ireland said the judge has until January 20 to respond.

Lennox's case has attracted worldwide attention with 121,874 people putting their signatures to a petition against the order.

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