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£12m worth of funding allocated to build peace

A major funding package of £12m has been allocated to promote peace-building and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the border counties.

The investment by the International Fund for Ireland will support a range of community relations initiatives in shared education, youth work, community development and re-imaging.

The funding package is the latest award from the IFI, an international organisation set up by the British and Irish governments in 1986.

It is aimed at encouraging cross-community contact, dialogue and reconciliation.

IFI chairman Dr Denis Rooney said the funding announcement demonstrated its commitment to bringing together people from unionist and nationalist traditions.

He said: “The fund is determined to continue to support initiatives that will help our local communities to learn, work and live together as part of a truly shared and prosperous society.”

The package includes:

  • £4.3m allocated under the fund’s Building Bridges Programme to ensure Young Enterprise Ireland and Junior Achievement Ireland can continue to deliver the Fund’s flagship youth programmes.
  • And the Arts Council of Northern Ireland will receive a further £701,978 over three years to help transform communities.

Dr Rooney added: “A significant proportion — £2.8m — of our latest funding package goes to the Sharing in Education Programme which enables young people from different backgrounds to come together and share educational experiences in the same classroom.”

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