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12-week-old puppy 'thrown from van' onto side of road in Enniskillen

Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards

A 12-week old puppy is thought to have been thrown from a van after it was found abandoned at the side of the road in Enniskillen.

The terrified pup was found by a passer-by who stopped and took the brown and white dog to a sanctuary in Aughnacloy.

James, speaking on the Frank Mitchell radio show on U105, said he was in Enniskillen on Sunday and while travelling home to Newtownards came across the puppy.

“I was coming home on Sunday evening, a wet cold miserable night. I saw something sitting on the road, about 200 yards [away]", he said.

"I got a bit closer and it transpired it was a wee dog. But it didn’t move out of the way, so I had to stop. I got out and I found this little dog in a distressed state and I picked it up.

“You could see instantly the dog was glad to be safe for once.”

The caller said he approached a nearby bungalow and asked if the resident knew who owned the dog.

He added: “She said ‘that wee dog was thrown out of a van about 20 minutes ago and I phoned the police and they said they couldn’t do anything about it.”


James then decided to contact the Perfect Paws Dog Sanctuary in Augnacloy, who came and collected the shivering animal. 

He said: “I enquired about it yesterday, it turned out the wee dog was around 12-weeks-old, it was full of worms and was suffering from malnutrition.

“So someone has come along and thrown that wee dog out into a country lane on a Sunday evening, that was dispicable.”

He added: “I don’t know how anybody could do that.”

The puppy has called Obie by staff at the sanctuary.

Perfect Paws Dog Sanctuary, posting pictures of the dog on Facebook, wrote: “This little man has been left in to us after being found in Enniskillen, he is scared stiff and full of worms.

"A lady who was in her home at the time says she seen him being thrown from a van. This little guy is only around 12 weeks old. Disgusting behaviour.

"If you have any information please be in touch. Thank you to the very kind lady who brought him too us. He is safe now. All we need now is a little name!”.

Obie is now said to be doing well.

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