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15 months for north Belfast cocaine dealer Eoin Mathew O'Neill


A petty drug dealer caught with both class A and B drugs in his north Belfast home has been jailed for a minimum 15 months.

Prosecutor Gary McCrudden said police uncovered the cocaine and herbal cannabis in the Whitewell Road home of Eoin Mathew O'Neill.

Mr McCrudden told the Crown Court that while the police raid on July 22 last year uncovered over 200 grams of cocaine with a street value of up to £10,000, it was only up to 5% pure.

Also found was 128 grams of herbal cannabis with a £1,200 street value.

Solicitor advocate Robert Murtagh said that 26-year-old O'Neill accepted he was not under duress from any paramilitaries, as he initially claimed, but was selling the drugs to fund his own habit.

He added that O'Neill came from a troubled background, leaving him with little or no schooling, which produced a vulnerable young man.

Belfast Recorder Judge David McFarland said that O'Neill was involved in street dealing as a low level dealer.

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