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£158k ... cost of enjoying a good social life in Belfast

By Staff Reporter

Revellers in Belfast spend an average of £158,735 on social occasions over the course of their lifetime, a survey has found.

The city was ranked seventh in the UK, according to the research from Barclays.

The figures reveal that people in Belfast spend £80,519.20 on nights out; £30,566.07 on work nights out; £38,770.49 on taxis and £4,511.65 on parties. When it comes to spending on gifts for friends, Belfast topped the UK list by spending an eye-watering £4,367.52 in a lifetime, the highest in the UK. It was found that some 14% feel the pressure to spend because they do not want to appear stingy or tight.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults found that on average, people in the UK spend £150,000 on social occasions throughout their lives.

Topping the list is Leeds, with locals forking out a whopping £213,000 on social occasions over the course of a lifetime.

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