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19 loyalist internees to sue over detention

Nineteen men jailed without trial in the 1970s are suing the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and police for damages.

The men were imprisoned between 1973 and 1975 for up to two years at a time when the authorities were under growing pressure over the policy of internment, which saw hundreds of people arrested and detained without trial.

Solicitor Kevin Winters, who is representing the former loyalist internees, said they have discovered material in London’s Public Record Office which he said supports their case.

Mr Winters told the Belfast Telegraph: “We say this material supports the case that this was a political decision to detain these men — and we further say that a decision of that nature is not lawful.”

The men are suing the Ministry of Defence, the police, the Secretary of State and the Northern Ireland Office. They are seeking damages for unlawful detention and false imprisonment.

Belfast Telegraph