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£1k search for Belfast missing cat Spencer at 'standstill'

By Allan Presont

A search costing £1,000 for a west Belfast cat has hit "a standstill" despite an investigation by a pet detective.

Spencer, a one-year-old ginger Tom, has been missing from his home near the Springfield Road for just over a month despite a desperate search by his owners Michael McGrath (47) and his fiancee Marta Larkin (36).

The distraught couple have spent the money so far on posters and advertising, and have also sought the advice from Dublin-based pet sleuth Robert Kenny of Happy Tails pet detective agency. With no sightings so far, the Poirot of the pet world told the Belfast Telegraph last week it was likely he had been taken out of the area or had gained access to someone's property without their knowledge.

With no evidence Spencer has been hurt or killed, Mr Kenny said he had to presume he was still alive.

A house cat, Spencer had wandered off when a gate was briefly left open during a bin collection.

Yesterday, Ms Larkin said she was growing increasingly anxious for a breakthrough.

"The search is more or less at a standstill, we've had no calls or sightings," she said.

"Even though we've had no luck yet the members of the public have been great. There's been ladies from Ballymena and Omagh who contacted me to say they've been in similar situations."

She continued: "The fact that no one knows worries me. Has he passed away and no one wants to tell us or is he with another family?"

Spencer and brother Feidhelm were adopted as kittens in Londonderry last September after their mother died.

The separation, Ms Larkin said, has been keenly felt at home.

"Feidhelm has definitely noticed, he had a very close bond with Spencer so he's got very vocal and needy.

"You can sense all the cats around the house are more stressed now. Maybe they're picking up on how upset we are."

As the search continues, Ms Larkin said she would be happy to exceed a current £100 reward.

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