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20 kids 'terrorising' Belfast neighbourhood - police tell parents 'take control'

Cops attacked with bricks in latest disturbance

A bin was set alight in north Belfast during trouble over the weekend.
A bin was set alight in north Belfast during trouble over the weekend.

Trouble has flared again in the New Lodge area of north Belfast.

Police were attacked by youths throwing bricks and a paint bomb on Monday night after a crowd of around 20 children went on a rampage in the New Lodge area at around 9pm.

A bus was also attacked.

Officers said kids were "terrorising" the area and called on parents to "take control".

There was no reports of any injuries.

In a statement police said: "The New Lodge community has again had to endure another night of having their property destroyed and their bins set on fire and destroyed by a small number of local youths who have total disrespect for their community.

"Police again came under attack with bricks in the Victoria Road area while protecting the communities and Fire and rescue personnel as they attended the area to put out another burning bin, which had been pushed out into the middle of the road causing a danger to road users.

"Police would ask the parents of these youths to start taking control of them and if their children are out in the evenings to take a drive past the Pinkerton, Carlisle and New Lodge Road areas to see if their child is one of this crowd of 20 kids that are terrorising the elderly and ill, who are terrified to leave their homes at night."

The trouble comes after disturbances at the weekend which saw police attacked and a 14-year-old boy left with a fractured skull after a sectarian beating as he made his way home from the shops.

Police have said they are increasing activity in the area and have warned children of the consequences of gaining a criminal record.

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