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20,000 new energy-saving streetlights to be installed in towns

By Laura Abernethy

The future is bright in Banbridge and Craigavon.

More than 20,000 new LED streetlights are due to be installed in a bid to reduce maintenance and energy costs. The new lights use around half as much electricity as a conventional streetlight and last almost three times longer.

Existing lanterns will be replaced causing limited disruption to the current lighting. Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy said: "It is important that every effort is made to make savings and reduce costs. Street lighting energy and maintenance costs are significant, costing in excess of £13m every year. Over the last number of years, small pockets of LED street lighting have been introduced."

The £6m scheme is a pilot that may be rolled out across Northern Ireland in the future. He said: "While relatively large sums of investment are required initially, immediate returns on running costs are achieved with a payback on the investment expected after eight years."

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