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2011 in Pictures: from Rihanna's naked Ulster romp to Obama visit

Some of 2011's biggest news stories from Northern Ireland and around the world.

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They said that! Famous quotes of the year 2011

From murder trials to royal visits, sporting triumphs to personal tragedies, this has been quite a year.

“I have not resigned; I have not considered resigning.”

NI Water boss Laurence MacKenzie as the fallout over the company’s poor performance during the big freeze rumbled on. He resigned the next day.

“No-one else could have played my dad the way he did. When Pete came on screen, the people who knew my dad said: ‘It’s Giuseppe’. That’s testament to his acting skills.”

Gerard Conlon on actor Pete Postlethwaite who died. Postlethwaite portrayed Conlon’s father Guiseppe in the film In The Name Of The Father.

“I’ve lost my only, beautiful daughter — that tells you everything. It has come as a tremendous shock. We are numb, heartbroken. Michaela was my only daughter, she was very precious.”

Mickey Harte after his daughter Michaela (right) was murdered while on honeymoon in Mauritius.

“Michaela was a lovely girl, a wonderful daughter, a brilliant sister for these boys and we will always treasure her. She was a beautiful girl. She couldn't be better, couldn't be nicer. God love her, we are so, so sorry. We are equally sorry for poor John her husband, whom she adored. He adored her. They did not get so long to share their lives with each other. It is such a shame. Our hearts are broken.”

A heartbroken Mickey Harte.

“To say that the news was heart-rending would be an understatement from anyone who ever had the privilege of meeting Michaela and getting even a glimmer of the wonderful human being she was.”

Micheal O Muircheartaigh, RTE commentator on Gaelic games.

“My beautiful wife, my best friend, my rock Michaela, has been taken from me and I still can't take it in. Our hopes, our dreams and our future together are gone. I am heartbroken and like Mickey, Marian, Michaela's brothers and my family, I am totally devastated. I am numbed. I love my wife, very, very much and my world revolved around her. I can't describe in words how lost I feel as Michaela is not just the light of my life — she is my life.”

Her husband John McAreavey.

“I am a father. I have a beautiful daughter of a similar age to Michaela, I love her to bits. It gives me a sense of the loss, but only a sense of the loss for the reality is so much more painful than the imagining. Personally, as DUP leader and as First Minister, I want to convey the love, support and condolences of the Assembly to the Harte and McAreavey families.”

First Minister Peter Robinson.

“The committee of 1st Shankill Northern Ireland Supporters Club held an extraordinary meeting on Friday night and it was decided that we wanted to deliver two sympathy cards, one to the Harte family and one to the McAreaveys. I was more than proud and honoured to be asked to deliver the cards. When I got there I was touched by how warmly welcomed I was into the Harte family home.”

Former loyalist paramilitary leader Winston Churchill |Rea on attending wake of Michaela McAreavey.

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