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20mph speed limit zone for Belfast city centre

A 20mph speed limit zone will be introduced in Belfast city centre from the end of the month.

The intention is to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians without inconveniencing car drivers. There will be no road humps.

Newtownabbey, Ballynahinch, Ballymena and Ballycastle are among other areas taking part in the pilot scheme.

The introduction of the new limits in Belfast was postponed until after Christmas to minimise disruption to shoppers, a spokesman for the Department for Regional Development (DRD) said.

He added: "The introduction of these new speed limit zones are part of the Department's commitment to the Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy.

"We believe these schemes will improve safety for all users of Belfast city centre, particularly pedestrians and cyclists, without causing any undue inconvenience for car drivers.

"All the pilots will be closely monitored to evaluate their effectiveness and may be rolled out to similar areas in other parts of Northern Ireland."

Additional black and yellow information signs and variable messaging signs will highlight the change in speed limit.


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