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23 people arrested during Belfast St Patrick’s Day operation

Belfast police arrested 23 people during St Patrick’s Day festivities in the city centre and Holylands areas.

Superintendent Robert Murdie said that "the large number of events" that took place in the city passed off peacefully.

“Police made a total of 23 arrests in and around the city centre and Holylands areas during yesterday and last night," he said.

 "The arrests, linked to the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the city, were for a range of public order offences such as disorderly behaviour, resisting arrest and minor assaults including assaults on police.

“While the majority of people celebrating in the city yesterday did so in a good natured and respectful fashion some did not heed our message to act and drink responsibly. Police responded to numerous reports of unacceptable anti-social conduct and young people drinking alcohol in the street. In fact, the majority of those arrested were under the influence of alcohol."

The main focus for police attention was around the annual St Patrick's Day parade in Belfast city centre, followed by a concert at Custom House Square.

The operation involving a major police presence, council workers, street pastors and mobile security cameras is continuing in the area.

Thousands of people took part in festivities across Northern Ireland to celebrate St Patrick.

In Belfast events included a carnival parade and a free concert at Custom House Square.

Other parades took place in Londonderry, Newry, Armagh, Strabane and Downpatrick.

In Dublin Irish actor Liam Cunningham, famous for his role as Davos Seaworth in television series Game Of Thrones, led the 2,000-strong parade. Star Wars actor Mark Hamill was its first international guest of honour.

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