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25% with bad health live in Housing Executive properties

By Michael McHugh

Around a quarter of people in bad health in Northern Ireland live in Housing Executive properties.

A higher proportion of those occupying social rented properties have a long-term health condition than those who owned their own home, 2011 Census research showed.

Social policy expert Goretti Horgan said there was a link between stress and poverty, which is more likely to afflict those living in low-cost housing.

"Low income people are more open to the slings and arrows of life, you don't have that (savings) cushion, the smallest thing can be a disaster," she said.

Those out of work and at increased risk of poverty were more likely to be living in social rented housing, census data shows.

The survey showed around a quarter of people in bad or very bad health were occupying properties rented from the Housing Executive (23% and 25%), compared with under a tenth of those in very good or good health.

Meanwhile, the Housing Rights Service said 42% of households were in fuel poverty in 2011.

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