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27 people arrested in major Northern Ireland crime probe

Twenty seven people have been arrested in a Northern Ireland-wide crime probe.

Police searched 20 properties and conducted a stop and search on 143 people yesterday across the region.

Six people were arrested on for drugs offences, nine for burglary offenses, one person for disqualified driving, and five people for theft or criminal damage.

Forty six bail checks were also conducted.

Chief Inspector Ian Campbell said: “The aim of our anti-crime operation was to prevent, detect and deter crime with a focus on travelling criminals, organised crime and the terrorist threat.

“We were joined by our partners in HMRC and UK Immigration for part of the operation. HMRC conducted checks on 22 vehicles in relation to red diesel and seized two vehicles.

“Our aim is to keep people safe across Northern Ireland and we would like to thank the public for their support and patience during the operation.

“In the weeks ahead we will continue to provide a visible presence and would encourage the public to work with us and report any criminal or suspicious activity on 101.”

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