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30 months' jail for cannabis importer

By Michael Donnelly

A 32-year-old Chinese man who admitted charges linked to cannabis has been sentenced to 30 months.

Qi Lin, with an address in Tyldesley in Manchester, pleaded guilty at Belfast Crown Court to possessing cannabis and attempting to possess the class B drug with intent to supply.

He also admitted laundering more than £4,000 in November 2014.

Judge Gordon Kerr QC said while Lin was described as being on the "bottom rung", he believed he had played a significant role in a well-planned operation to bring drugs into Northern Ireland.

Judge Kerr said that Lin, although caught red-handed, had not accepted his guilt when questioned by police, or when initially charged.

He added Lin was entitled to some credit for his guilty pleas, and reduced his three-year sentence by six months.

Earlier, prosecution lawyer Philip Henry told the court Post Office staff were suspicious of a cardboard box addressed to a flat in Carrickfergus.

The box, found to contain 4.5 kilos of herbal cannabis, was subsequently delivered to the flat on November 14, 2014 by police.

Mr Henry said that Lin was at the property, which was suspected of being used as a postal address for sending the drugs.

A search later uncovered two other boxes with traces of the drug in them. The Post Office was able to confirm they had been delivered six days earlier.

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