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33 arrested on St Patrick's Day

Thirty-three people were arrested during St Patrick's Day celebrations in Belfast.

They were detained on suspicion of drugs, public order and criminal damage offences.

Inspector Rosie Thompson of the PSNI said: "We had upwards of 15,000 people who came and enjoyed the family atmosphere.

"Unfortunately, there were a small number of individuals who ignored our advice and chose to engage in anti-social and criminal behaviour.

"This could lead to them to receiving a fine and a criminal record."

A 12-year-old girl was hurt during minor disturbances in the city centre.

Groups of young people clashed with Union flag protesters close to the City Hall about an hour after the main parade had passed.

Plastic bottles were thrown and a Union flag was burnt during the disorder.

A number of individuals were also arrested on suspicion of robbery, burglary and motoring offences.

Ms Thompson said the policing operation had been a "success".

Meanwhile, a Belfast councillor said he been inundated with complaints, including one from his wife, about men urinating in the street.

Tim Attwood, from the SDLP, said the situation was unacceptable and the council should consider supplying additional portable toilets to bars and clubs on carnival days.

Mr Attwood said: "It is wholly unacceptable to witness young men in the middle of the day urinating in public outside pubs and clubs.

"My wife, who was out with our seven-year-child for a walk to the Kennedy Centre (in west Belfast) on St Patrick's Day, witnessed some young men openly urinating in a residential street adjacent to a licensed premises.

"Those visiting pubs and bars should show respect for the communities and residents living close to these premises."


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