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33,000 complaints about bins not collected in Northern Ireland

People in Northern Ireland made 33,000 complaints last year about waste not being collected from homes, new figures reveal.

Statistics obtained by the BBC show councils in the UK received more than 1.8 million complaints in 2018 about bins not being collected.

A survey of councils found the number of complaints has increased by a third since 2014- with an average of 4,500 complaints made to UK councils every day last year.

Residents in England made 1.5m of the complaints, with 149,000 in Scotland, 92,000 in Wales and 33,000 in Northern Ireland.

The number of missed collections could be higher as not every householder whose bins are not emptied will make a complaint.

According to the BBC, figures from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, show real terms spending on waste collection by local authorities has fallen to £888m in 2017-18, from £1bn in 2010-11, after accounting for inflation.

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