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36 police officers suspended by the PSNI since 2013

By Deborah McAleese

Almost 40 police officers have been suspended by the PSNI over alleged criminality in two years.

According to details released under Freedom of Information, from 2013 to date a total of 36 officers were suspended from duty as a result of alleged criminal conduct, according to information provided by the force.

The officers had been accused of a range of offences including harassment; assault; a drug offence; criminal damage; perverting the course of justice; a data protection offence; drunk in charge; fraud/theft; misconduct in public office, a sex offence and a firearm offence.

And according to data released under a separate FoI request, 36 officers - a coincidental figure - had been convicted in court since January 1, 2012. Fifteen of these were dismissed, required to resign or resigned. Misconduct proceedings are ongoing in four cases.

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The PSNI said: "Officers are expected to behave with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism at all times and any conduct which is likely to bring discredit on the service will be investigated robustly in order to establish whether or not a breach of the PSNI code of ethics has occurred.

"The number of suspended officers should be placed into context with the average strength of the PSNI for this time-frame - around 7,500 officers."

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