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£383k for new Police Museum

A new police museum has been given a £383,000 grant to mark the service and dedication of the RUC Part-Time Reserve (PTR).

Justice Minister David Ford said the funding was the balance remaining from £20m provided by HM Treasury for the benefit of the PTR on the devolution of justice.

It will be made available to the RUC GC Foundation, which is responsible for the development of the new Police Museum.

It had initially been thought this money might be disbursed direct to former officers through grants from policing charities.

However, after consultation, it was decided instead to honour the role of the PTR in the history of policing in Northern Ireland.

Mr Ford said: "This allocation of funding to the new Police Museum will publicly mark the service and dedication of the Part-Time Reserve during some of the most difficult days of the Troubles, in a lasting and enduring tribute to their role in policing."

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