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63,000 in Northern Ireland living with cancer, says MacMillan

By Staff Reporter

Cancer-battling charity MacMillan Cancer Support has released figures which estimate that 63,000 people living in Northern Ireland have been diagnosed with cancer - a record high and an increase of around 10,000 people in just five years.

It's enough to fill Belfast's Odyssey Arena six times over, the charity said.

The figures, released today, represent an 18% rise in the number of people in Northern Ireland living with cancer since 2010. Macmillan's Northern Ireland general manager Heather Monteverde said: "With the number of people living with cancer increasing each year, the seriousness of the challenge facing us cannot be underestimated.

"Our existing health and social care structures were not set up to deal with the needs of such a huge number of people who have survived cancer, but who often continue to require considerable support.

"Without a complete transformation of the way people are supported after their treatment ends, patients will not get the aftercare they so desperately need, whether that's help at home, financial advice or emotional support."

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