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64-year-old woman is tied up during robbery

Two women were tied up during a robbery in Newtownabbey. The incident took place in the Ballyfore area on Friday, May 21. At approximately 6pm three men entered a property and threatened two women, one aged 64 and the other in her 20s before tying them up. The 25-year-old male occupant was told to go to his work, scrap metal dealers in Mallusk where he was to remove a substantial sum of money and take it to a location in Glengormley. The other men remained in the house with the women. No one was hurt in during the incident but all three people are badly shaken by their ordeal. POLICE are also currently investigating a number of crimes in the Newtownabbey and are asking the public to come forward with any information. HIJACKING, MALLUSK Detectives based in Newtownabbey are appealing for information about the hijacking of a car on Wednesday, May 19. At around 5pm a man entered a car dealership at Mallusk and went with a salesman on a test-drive of a grey Audi A4. The man test-driving the car stopped the vehicle close to a supermarket at Mayfield, Newtownabbey. Another man approached the car and opened the passenger-side door. An object was pushed into the salesman's side by the man carrying out the test-drive and he was told to step out of the car. The salesman did not see the object. He left the car and it was driven away with both men on board. He was not injured. The man who took part in the test-drive is described as aged in his late 20s, 5'7, very thin, with dark hair which was short at the sides and longer at the top. He had a pale complexion and wore jeans with a blue t-shirt. The second man was aged early 20s with dark hair. He was wearing a white shell-suit jumper. Both men had strong Belfast accents. The 2007 A4 has black section on its front grill and RS4 alloy wheels. ROBBERY, MALLUSK ROAD Police are investigating a robbery at a bar on the Mallusk Road in Newtownabbey. Shortly after 9pm on Sunday, May 23, two males entered a back office and threatened a male employee. The pair demanded money that money from a safe be handed over before making off with a quantity of cash. One of the robbers is described as around 6'2” and stocky build. He is believed to have been wearing a balaclava whilst the other robber had pulled up the hood of his jacket to obscure his face. Information about any of these crimes can be passed to police on 0845 600 8000 or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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