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70 people use new 'right to ask' domestic abuse checks

By Mark Bain

The PSNI is receiving more than five requests a week from people asking if a partner, relative or friend has a history of domestic violence.

The 'right to ask' mechanism, which was in place in Britain, was launched here in March. Since then 70 people have contacted police.

Det Supt Ryan Henderson said: "We've tried to learn from other schemes that are in existence by making it simple and easy. We set ourselves the target of dealing with requests within 42-45 days, but when a request comes through, an initial assessment is carried out to see if anything needs done immediately.

"If not, we'll take time to gather other information that we and other agencies have.

"If it is a really serious crime with really serious impacts, and I think it's incumbent that if we have information that may help prevent something like that from happening, we will share it with an individual so that they can make their own informed choices about that."

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