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94% of drugs cases resulted in conviction last year, figures reveal

By Staff Reporter

Drugs offences had the highest conviction rate at courts in Northern Ireland in 2016 - with motoring offences accounting for the majority of prosecutions.

New figures from the Department of Justice reveal that 11,060 (40% of all prosecutions) in 2016 were for motoring offences.

Drugs offences had the highest conviction rate of any crime at 94% (1,882).

People in the 18-24 age group accounted for the most prosecutions in court - 25.9% (7,151).

They also accounted for 26.2% (6,019) of all those convicted in 2016.

The vast majority of prosecutions were against male defendants - 83% or 22,596.

In the Crown Court 89.4% (1,682) of prosecutions were against males, while in the Magistrates Court the figure was 82.5% (21,255).

In 2016, 83% (22,959) of all prosecutions in all courts resulted in a conviction.

This is down slightly from 2015 when 83.2% (24,379) of prosecutions resulted in a conviction.

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