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A Bloomfield boy’s American dream

An east Belfast man who made his fortune in America kicks off a new series on BBC NI this Monday (16th).

The series from Michael Beattie Media sees Jackie Fullerton on the trail of people who left Northern Ireland for the USA in search of fame, fortune, or simply a better life.

The first port of call is to one of Nashville’s most exclusive suburbs, where Jackie hangs out with Belfast-born multi millionaire Ian Brick.

Originally from the Bloomfield area, Ian emigrated to the land of opportunity with his beloved late wife Katherine (a sister of acclaimed actor Gerard Mc Sorley.) Making his millions in pharmaceuticals, Ian was well-heeled enough to retire in his 40s.

Ian’s sumptuous mansion would sit well in any glossy celebrity magazine, and is a far cry from his humble beginnings in a two up two down house with an outside toilet in Rosebery Street. However, as Jackie tours Ian’s home it is clear that he has not forgotten his roots.

As a former president of Queen’s Student Union in the 1960s, Ian was delighted to recently donate a million dollars to his old university for the renovation of the Student’s Union.

This Belfast boy’s certainly ‘done good’, but as viewers will discover his passion for Northern Ireland has never dwindled — in fact Ian was one of the prime movers behind Belfast twinning with Nashville as sister cities.

Jackie’s the Boy will be aired at 10.35pm on BBC1 this Monday.

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