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A bonfire of the tragedies

The memories of thousands of people went up in flames tonight as an intricately hand crafted wooden temple illuminated a Northern Ireland city.

Personal messages on the Londonderry bonfire remembered victims of tragedy from suicides to a young policewoman killed in a crash to those killed during the 30-year conflict.

Among those who lit it were people whose lives were blighted by the Troubles.

Around 60,000 people have visited the 70ft tower made of carved plywood which has been erected over the past two months in the Waterside area of Derry. Many have left personal messages remembering loved ones.

Presbyterian minister the Rev Graeme Orr has said he fears the burning could leave people open to the influence of Satan.

But the artist creator David Best said he believed it would help the bereaved end their pain. "If this is paganism then I am Donald Duck," he said.

The aim behind the temple was to bring together the artist from the USA's Burning Man Festival in Nevada and the people of Derry to offer an alternative perspective on bonfires.


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