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A Guide Dog who was going blind... but after cataract surgery look how happy he is now

Just look how happy Rory the guide dog looks now.

Poor Rory was suffering from a lot of illness and was retired early at the age of six.

But it was a couple of years after this when it was discovered that the pup was losing his sight.

Guide Dogs allowed the dog to stay with owner Alma McCulllough but she was determined to help him.

She told Good Morning Ulster: "I took him to the vet and mentioned that he had been bumping into things at home. He checked him and said he would send him to an eye speicialist.

"And she did the operation to remove the cataract.

"The operation went very well indeed. It was great to see the reaction he had after a couple of weeks."

Alma now has another guide dog Aston but she says the companionship is special.

She said: "The companionship is even more important.

"At home now, they give you the company in the house all the time.

You are doing jobs for them and looking after them. It keeps you occupied.

But despite the responsibility Alma can treat them as an "ordinary" dog in the house.

"You treat them as an ordinary dog unless they have their harness on. Once their harness is on they understand they are working. It sounds strange but that's how it works.

"He's much happier now that he can see and is able to play again and is much happier."

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