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A new creature feature showing at Belfast Zoo


Emperor scorpion
Emperor scorpion
African millipede
Death’s head cockroach
Brazilian bird-eating spider
Claire Williamson

By Claire Williamson

Belfast Zoo has unveiled new species of invertebrates - the Brazilian bird-eating spider, the Honduran curly haired tarantula, emperor scorpion, African millipede and death's head cockroach.

The lastest additions will be housed in the recently renovated reptile and amphibian house.

The Honduran tarantula and the African millipede will become part of the zoo's education service.

This aims to inspire future generations to discover different animals with interactive and discussion-led education.

This feature of the zoo will have its own team and the creatures can be held and touched in the animal workshops.

Zoo manager Alyn Cairns said: "Conservation is one of our primary zoo aims.

"We sought to expand our invertebrate collection to include several new species."

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