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A son says goodbye to his father... tears flow as hundreds of mourners gather for funeral of gun victim


There was no justification for the murder of a man shot dead in his girlfriend's flat last week, no matter what his imperfections were, mourners have been told.

Several hundred people gathered at St Joseph's Church in Londonderry for Requiem Mass for Barry McCrory (35) who was killed on October 10.

Mr McCrory's mother wept as the coffin of her son was carried into the church by her husband Barry other sons and family members.

Tears rolled down the face of the victim's nine-year-old son Shea as his father's coffin was carried to his final resting place.

Barry McCrory died instantly after he was shot in the head and chest by a lone gunman last week in Shipquay Street in Derry city centre.

In the same church in Galliagh were Mr McCrory was baptised, made his first communion and was confirmed, Fr Michael McCaughey told the congregation murder can never be justified. He said: "Barry's death on last Thursday morning came very suddenly and violently.

"It has happened in very tragic circumstances and that sort of death in murder we can never justify – no matter what those circumstances might be – ours is not to judge. Any death is difficult and painful but a sudden death and certainly a death like this creates greater pain, heartbreak and shock – for the family and indeed for communities.

"Like the disciples in today's readings, Barry's family are sad, heartbroken and confused at the loss of someone they have loved."

Fr McCaughey paid tribute to the love Barry McCrory had for his family and asked mercy 'for his human imperfections.'

He added: "Barry was a son, brother, father, uncle, nephew. He was loved and respected within his family.

"They know his goodness and love and he loved his family, taking time for Shea and enjoying their company.

"Barry enjoyed art and doing craft work, he was caring and protective towards his family always remembering birthdays and anniversaries.

"We pray for hope in midst of sadness, strength in the face of our struggle, and grief and for peace and healing as opposed to violence and pain."

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