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A splash of colour in Belfast for Hindu Festival of Colours

Belfast's most colourful Spring event has been celebrated in the city.

The biggest and brightest event in the Hindu calendar had people searching for their inner artist over the weekend.

Festival of Colours celebrations held in the Indian Community Centre brought together people of all ages for a fusion of culture and creativity on Clifton Street.

Adults and children alike threw coloured powder on each other, not worrying about the laundry baskets later on.

'Holi' traditionally pays homage to the new crops and worships the fertile land. The people of Belfast were more than happy to wave their goodbyes to the cooler weather.

The mischievous festival also encourages behaviour which is usually considered offensive. It may not feel as though winter is ready to melt away from us just yet, but the festival threw light, life and a touch of fun on the communities in the city.

Claire Graham

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