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A third of workers unhappy in job: survey

A third of workers here are dissatisfied with their current role and 29% are setting their sights on a new job in 2014, a survey has revealed.

The figures also indicate that 80% of employees haven't received a pay rise in the last 12 months, with 56% receiving no benefits whatsoever, such as a salary bonus, training or entertainment.

With an increase in job opportunities and security, workers are more likely to look for another position, according to report from recruitment firm Reed.

The report also highlighted a shortage of skills with more than a third (37%) of businesses saying they have a skills gap in their organisation, and 70% saying this gap is having a negative impact on their business.

Employment trends across the UK seem to show that a candidates' market is reappearing, with the number of job opportunities up 28% year on year as the economy continues to improve.

Reed spokesman Tom Lovell said: "Despite lacking rewards, the majority (70%) of employees are satisfied or very satisfied in their current role.

"As the economy continues to strengthen and job opportunities rise, the competition for quality candidates will increase, and businesses can't afford to lose out.

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"Despite a need to attract and retain talent, many businesses aren't investing in their workforce through pay or their benefits, such as training, and this will impact on the overall satisfaction rating for their workforce."

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