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A Titanic exhibition of true note on SS Nomadic as violinist's music goes on display


Sheet music carried by Titanic band leader Wallace Hartley as he went down with the ship has gone on display in Belfast.

The music to Starland, recently bought at auction, is one of the highlights of the exhibition on Titanic's 'little sister', SS Nomadic, moored at Hamilton Dock.

Nomadic, which carried passengers to Titanic at Cherbourg on her ill-fated maiden voyage, is also showing a rare photo of Hartley in his schooldays with his violin. He and his fellow musicians famously played Nearer My God To Thee as the ocean liner slipped beneath the waves.

David Scott-Beddard of White Star Memories Ltd, which is hosting the display, said: "Out of the musicians, his was the only body recovered and more than 30,000 people attended his funeral in Lancashire."

The sheet music was protected from the seawater in a leather case beneath a life jacket, found when Hartley's body was retrieved 10 days after the disaster.

"All personal artefacts were entered into an inventory and that inventory was put into a canvas bag and returned to the family," David said.

The exhibition also features a rare first-class accommodation plan, showing the dining room table layout, Turkish baths and gymnasium, and a stateroom bed, bed linen and dining room clock from Titanic's sister ship, RMS Olympic.

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