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Abortion clinic offer by Larkin ‘unhelpful’

The ‘intervention’ of the Attorney General in a probe into the legality of Northern Ireland’s first abortion clinic is “not helpful”, the Justice Minister has said.

David Ford has joined some voices from within his own committee who have expressed their concern about the offer from Attorney General John Larkin to assist a justice committee probe into the legal status of the Marie Stopes clinic.

There has been no complaint that the Marie Stopes clinic has acted illegally.

Mr Ford said: “I personally think the intervention of the Attorney General in inviting himself to the Justice Committee has not been particularly helpful.

“I think what me and my officials would have seen is the Justice Committee is capable of asking its own questions and conducting its own enquiries.

“And (it) has done some very good work, for example when they have co-operated with us on victims and witnesses.”

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