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Accusation of double standards over venue

By Adrian Rutherford

Sinn Fein has been criticised for using council premises to launch its election manifesto - after calling for public buildings to be politically neutral.

Yesterday's event was held at Ranfurly House in Dungannon came weeks after the party voted for a ban on the sale of poppies at council buildings in Mid-Ulster as part of moves to make public buildings a neutral environment.

However, the DUP has questioned how that equates with Sinn Fein using council facilities for an election launch. Fermanagh/South Tyrone MLA Lord Morrow accused them of "double standards".

He said: "The use of Ranfurly House is nothing short of a coat-trailing exercise designed to be as offensive as possible. Council facilities should not be used for political events as they are owned and paid for by all ratepayers."

A council spokesperson said: "Mid-Ulster District Council is currently creating a policy which will address the terms and conditions of room hire.

"Until that new policy is agreed, the arrangements the previous councils had in place stand."

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