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Accused abused his four nieces, court hears

An alleged pervert subjected four of his nieces to bouts of sexual abuse more than 30 years ago, a jury has heard.

A Belfast Crown Court jury heard claims that, as well as sexually abusing all four, the man allegedly carried out serious sexual assaults on two of them when they were children.

The women have waived their anonymity.

The accused denies two charges of rape, seven of indecent assault, three of committing an act of gross indecency and one of common assault. All charges are alleged to have occurred on dates between January, 1, 1976 and September, 13, 1982.

Crown prosecutor Margaret-Anne Dinsmore described how the alleged victims, now in their 40s, were abused and sexually assaulted by their uncle when they went to stay with grandparents, who were the accused's parents.

She alleged that he assaulted one niece when she was babysitting for another aunt.

Ms Dinsmore further claimed that he sexually assaulted another "just before her 11th birthday" when staying with his parents.

The lawyer said the other alleged instances of sexual abuse mainly happened his bedroom where there was a spare bed in which the girls would sleep.

The jury heard that the accused, allegedly, would get into bed beside them and touch them inappropriately or expose himself.

"We the prosecution say that when you have heard all the evidence about what happened to them when they were young, it is evidence which will convince you of the guilt of the defendant," said Ms Dinsmore.

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