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Accused 'admits stabbing' woman looking for drink

A woman admitted in a police interview that she stabbed another woman found with multiple stab wounds in a fight, a court has been told.

Donna McKeefrey (21) of Barnewell Place, Londonderry, was charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent on Saturday.

Londonderry Magistrate's Court heard that police were called to a house in Barnewell Place and found the injured party in a highly distressed state with several puncture wounds.

Police searched the house and recovered a broken steak knife.

The alleged victim told police that another female had stabbed her and another woman in the house was arrested.

Later a taxi driver called police to say he had taken a passenger from the Waterside who was covered in blood and claimed she had stabbed someone.

The alleged injured party told police she had been drinking with others and ran out of alcohol. She called to a house of someone she knew slightly to ask if he had any.

The woman said she was invited in and then a row started with another woman and she was stabbed several times. The injured party had puncture wounds to her arm, thigh and abdomen.

Later the police received a call from someone who said the defendant was willing to hand herself in. During interview, McKeefrey said that the injured party had started bragging to her about being in prison for stabbing someone.

She claimed a fight had started and she saw the knife and picked it up before the other woman could.

She admitted during the PSNI that she had stabbed the other woman, the court heard.

McKeefrey was released on bail on condition that she wears a tag, that she does not enter the Waterside area and that she observes a curfew.

She will appear again on January 26.

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