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Accused denies raping unconscious woman

An alleged rape victim was found lying unconscious outside a house party in Co Tyrone, the High Court heard.

The woman woke up in hospital with no memory of events surrounding the suspected sex attack, prosecutors said.

Ivo Sow (25), a Portuguese national with an address at Drumcoo Green, Dungannon, denies a charge of raping her. He was refused bail due to fears he could flee if released.

Tessa Kitson, prosecuting, said the alleged victim claimed to have had a total of eight beers during the night.

“The last thing she remembers is being given a bottle of beer... after arriving at the house party,” Mrs Kitson told the court.

“Her next memory is of waking up in hospital and being very sick.”

Others were said to have told her that Sow had sex with her while she was at the party. Forensic medical tests confirmed DNA attributed to the accused, the court heard.

Sow claimed sex had been consensual and she was fully conscious throughout.

But a friend of the alleged victim told police she saw Sow on top of her as she lay on the steps, according to the prosecution.

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