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Accused in violent hijacking denied bail

By Alan Erwin

A man accused of a hijacking where the victim was run over by his own car must remain in custody, Northern Ireland's most senior judge has ruled.

Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan refused Remy Moore's application for bail after being told the motorist was also dragged from his vehicle and kicked about the head.

Moore (29) of Carlisle Road, Londonderry, faces a total of seven charges in connection with the alleged attack in the city early on August 25.

He is accused of hijacking, aggravated vehicle-taking, assault, robbery, driving while unfit through drink or drugs and driving without insurance or a licence.

Moore and two co-accused are alleged to have targeted the victim in the Fountain Hill area of the city.

A prosecution lawyer said two men standing in the middle of the road forced the driver to stop his Peugeot 407 before a third man pulled him out of the car.

All three then attacked him as he lay on the ground, the court heard.

A mobile phone and £110 in cash was stolen from the motorist before the car was allegedly driven over his wrist.

Soon after the hijacking the stolen car crashed into a garden wall about two miles away on the Limavady Road.

Moore was allegedly recognised by the victim as he'd known him since he was a teen.

Refusing bail, Sir Declan held that the risks were too great at this stage.

He pointed out: "Actual violence was used, which involved kicking someone who was on the ground."

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