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Accused link shop attacked again

A Turkish barber's shop and a bar in west Belfast where a man accused of killing a boxer worked have been attacked and damaged.

A blue van was rammed into Mo's Barber's Shop at Mount Eagle Square at about 3am on Sunday.

It is the second such attack on the shop.

Orhan Koca, 32, who denies murdering boxer Eamonn Magee Jr, had worked as a trainee there.

He also worked at a bar which arsonists attempted to set alight on Friday night.

Sinn Fein MLA Jennifer McCann said: "Attacking the business where the man accused of murdering Eamonn Magee worked will not bring him justice but only causes further hardship for the local community.

"I visited the owners this morning who are shocked and dismayed at the attack and I am sure the local community will rally behind this business to ensure that it continues to provide a service to the local community."


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