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Accused 'sickened' by injuries to Millie Martin

The man accused of murdering Fermanagh toddler Millie Martin said he was sickened, shocked and disgusted by the catalogue of injuries the toddler suffered, a court has been told.

Barry Michael McCarney also outlined during police interviews — which were read out at his trial yesterday — how he claims he tried to revive the 15-month-old after finding her lying lifeless in her cot.

Dungannon Crown Court heard that the 33-year-old told detectives interviewing him over the murder that he had “absolutely nothing” to do with it and wouldn’t “harm a hair on her head”.

McCarney, from Woodview Crescent, Trillick, made the claims as detectives pressed him as to how the little girl sustained the series of injuries found on her body following her death from severe head injuries in December 2009.

The Tyrone man denies killing Millie as well as sexually and physically abusing her. The child’s mother, 27-year-old Rachael Martin, from Main Street, Kesh, is also on trial and denies wilfully neglecting and allowing the death of her daughter.

The trial was told yesterday that when initially asked about the fatal blow to the back of Millie's head, McCarney replied : “I don’t know how she got that injury.”

Detectives quizzed him about the alleged sex abuse of the infant.

“I know absolutely nothing about that,” McCarney replied.

Millie's list of injuries — including the head injury, fractured ribs, haemorrhaging behind both her eyes and trauma to her genital area — were read out to the defendant by police.

“I'm disgusted by the injuries that Millie had,” he told police.

The trial continues.

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