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Accused 'told me of his plan to kill Marion Millican'

By John Cassidy

A man accused of murdering launderette worker Marion Millican revealed to a suicide prevention counsellor his plans to kill her and then shoot himself, a court has heard.

Lifeline worker Helen Sherrard said Fred McClenaghan told her about the murder-suicide plot in a telephone call to the charity on Christmas Eve, 2010.

McClenaghan (52) of Broad Street, Magherafelt, denies murdering his former partner at her place of work in Portstewart.

However, he has pleaded guilty to her manslaughter saying he accidentally shot her during a botched suicide.

Mrs Sherrard told Antrim Crown Court sitting in Belfast: "Fred phoned in sometime in the morning on December 24, 2010 and said he had suicidal thoughts.

"He stated he had anger issues and talked about having flashbacks to his childhood of sexual abuse when he was aged six.

"He said that over the past six to nine months his anger issues and suicidal thoughts had been increasing. He said: 'I am afraid of what I might do. I am afraid of what I am capable of'.

"Fred said that he had been in a relationship with Marion and it had come to an end. There had been an argument, he said, and he had lashed out and struck his ex-partner and she was refusing to have any contact with him at all.''

The witness said she told a senior Lifeline consultant about McClenaghan's conversation.

"I also contacted the police and told them the full details of what he was going to do. The police agreed to contact Marion and I asked the police to make sure that this was done in person.''

The case continues.

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